We constantly work to make as accessible as possible to a wide range of users. The site has been tested to ensure that it is accessible in a wide range of browsers.

Universitas21 are committed to supplying Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance in all of our websites, and the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is a legal requirement of all websites in the UK.

Our pages are designed so that they can be viewed at the standard screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and page structure is conveyed using header elements.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Divs to replace Traditional Tables are used with relative font sizes on all text with the exception of graphical text.

All Images have alternative text.

Changes to improve accessibility are made from time to time; if you have a queries about the accessibility of a particular page please contact us by emailing 

Increasing text size

Some users might find screen text easier to read by increasing the size at which text is displayed. To do this you should simply adjust your browser's settings.

Further customisation

To read more about how to customise a website, please visit My Web My Way, which is part of the BBC website. This is a resource which provides guidance on changing browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make websites more accessible to users with particular needs.