Student Experience Steering Group

The U21 Student Experience Steering Group oversees the student experience activities delivered through U21.


U21 Student Experience group connects members to broaden and enhance the student experience around the U21 network. The SE Steering Group oversees this work and the work of the sub-groups: the Student Mobility Group and the Careers and Employability Group.

Our objectives

  • Co-ordinate opportunities that are accessible to any student regardless of their discipline, level of study or background. 

  • Facilitate students to participate in U21 programmes who would not or could not have taken part in traditional mobility opportunities. 

  • Deliver programmes that are scalable and sustainable. 

  • Support students to have greater international networks and to value global perspectives as a result of U21 opportunities. 

  • Enable students to learn about, engage with and innovate for the Global Goals on Sustainability. 

  • Encourage students to explore entrepreneurship and how their academic knowledge and skills can be applied to real life contexts and solutions. 

  • Empower and inspire staff to collaborate with others on joint projects and programmes. 

Chair of the Student Experience Steering Group

Rachel Sandison, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Vice Principle (External Engagement) University of Glasgow

Key Contact

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