Limitless creativity: Micro-work experience to help change the world

Mariam Kandiashvili, a postgraduate student from KU Leuven, shares her experience of the December 2023 U21 Sustainable Micro-internship programme. The 2 week, online programme groups students internationally to work on sustainability related challenges for organisations around the world. 

Changing The World For The Better

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We live in an interesting time full of incredible opportunities to contribute to building a sustainable future. The Universitas 21 Sustainable Micro-Internship Program gives students a possibility to take chances professionally and illustrate commitment to change the world for the better. 

The program let me play my part in supporting a sustainable and resource-efficient society while also improving my operational management skills. One of the highlights of my experience was to witness first hand the process of building bridges between enthusiastic and passionate young people. 

Throughout the internship, working within different time zones, the program provides an international experience which knows no national boundaries. The program's universal character gives like-minded students an opportunity to participate from anywhere. As one of the participants of the U21 Sustainable Micro-Internship Program, I’m impressed how well-organized arrangements were held remotely. 

During sessions, students have ample opportunities to express their opinions and listen to others. Discussions with an amazingly talented group of students on a myriad of matters, gives us an immense possibility to chase problems and find solutions to SDG related challenges. In the execution of this, it’s a real-world experience to improve our skills when it comes to navigating ambiguity, working within a group and coalescing around the purpose with sophisticated groundbreaking ideas, in the process creating valuable outcomes. 

A poster for Mariam's group's idea to connect alumni with young enterprise

While working on a problem related to SDG 8 'Decent Work and Economic Growth', the brightest minds from around the globe have shown a steadfast dedication to providing innovative solutions for Young Enterprise UK, the host of our internship. Our main purpose pertained to generating a positive impact on social mobility, which encompasses the motivation of continuing connection between participants privileged to be part of Young Enterprise UK, building bridges of experience.  

My team and I came up with the idea of creating Digital Alumni Network - a multifaceted approach focused on connecting Young Enterprise UK with its alumni. As a result, in the span of days each group created mind-boggling solutions that left an indelible mark on our minds. The creativity of young people has no limits! 


Mariam Kandiashvili