U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems 2013

09 May 2013
Following on from the successful 2012 project, U21 has now published the 2013 Rankings report, which gives an overview of higher education systems across the world.

Now in its second year, the U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems was developed by Universitas 21 as a benchmark for governments, education institutions and individuals. The project aims to highlight the importance of creating a strong environment for higher education institutions to contribute to economic and cultural development, provide a high-quality experience for students and help institutions compete for overseas applicants.

The 2013 Rankings report retains the methodology of the 2012 Rankings. 22 desirable attributes are grouped under four broad headings: Resources, Environment, Connectivity and Output. 

The country coverage has been extended to 50 by the inclusion of Saudi Arabia and Serbia. Data quality has improved significantly since 2012, in some cases occasioned by publicity arising from the inaugural Rankings – thus meeting the hope we expressed a year ago. 

Overall, in the 2013 Universitas 21 Ranking of Higher Education Systems, the top five countries were found to be the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and Denmark. 

The full 2013 report can be downloaded below, or click on the following link for further details, data and a breakdown of results.