U21 Making a Difference in Public Engagement

22 November 2012
University of Connecticut student awarded Provost's Award for Public Engagement and U21 work.

Courtney Beyers, a nursing student at the University of Connecticut, has recently been awarded the Provost's Award for Public Engagement at the university, reflecting her public service, much of which has come about through involvement with and inspiration from U21 activities.

"I am very honored to receive the University of Connecticut’s 2012 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Public Engagement in the Undergraduate Student Category.  The U21 network has certainly played a significant role in this recognition," she writes

"I was very fortunate to participate in both the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference (July 2012) hosted by Waseda University, Japan and also the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Workshop/U21 Health Sciences Annual Meeting (September 2012) hosted by the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  Presenting my work at these two international events was only made possible by the generous financial support from the University of Connecticut’s Office of Global Programs.

Through these U21 activities, and the ongoing U21 UNMDG student committee that meets frequently throughout the year via teleconference, the U21 network has provided a wealth of opportunities to help develop my global citizenship. The U21 UNMDG student committee -comprised of international health science students - offers an invitation to ongoing student commitment to the critical issues highlighted in the UN MDG targets and UN Millennium Declaration.  This has largely motivated my involvement with public health and health policy initiatives, both locally and globally.

The U21 network has provided many opportunities to go beyond my own educational goals to engage the community in an effort to enhance patient care and improve health outcomes.  These experiences have played a considerable role in my professional development and personal growth as a clinician scholar. I am preparing to graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in May 2013 and enter the workforce shortly after as a Registered Nurse.

Experiences with U21 have affirmed a desire to pursue a career in both nursing practice, as well as in academia through teaching and research. I am currently exploring post-graduate nursing educational opportunities that support this. In the future, I hope to become involved with global health policy development and initiatives, such as with the World Health Organization."



We congratulate Courntey on her award and would be pleased to hear of other students around the network on whom involvement in U21 activity has had a positive, inspirational effect.