THE World University Rankings show U21 members are world class

09 October 2012
Over half U21’s members in top 200 * Huge rises in position for many U21 universities * On average a rise of 17 places for U21 members.

The THE World University Rankings, announced last night, have once more confirmed Universitas 21’s reputation for being made up of truly world-class universities.  16 U21 members were listed among the top 200 universities in the world, in a respected ranking which takes 13 calibrated performance indicators into account, providing one of the most comprehensive and balanced ranking of this kind. 


The University of Melbourne led the way, rising nine places to just rank above the National University of Singapore, the University of British Columbia, the University of Edinburgh, McGill University and the University of Hong Kong, all six universities falling within a two-point bracket.  The University of New South Wales made a significant journey up the table, leapfrogging 88 places to 85th place, sitting close to fellow members, Lund University, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Queensland.  Relative newcomers to the network, the University of Connecticut came straight into the ranking placed in the 251-275 bracket.


Speaking on the announcement of the rankings, Jane Usherwood, Universitas 21’s Secretary General said, “Once again U21 members shine in an evaluation of world-class universities.  It comes as no surprise to see that, collectively, the network’s members are regarded as leading universities in their regions and beyond.  While all rankings naturally show increases and decreases in position for individual universities, for our members to have risen by an average of 17 positions against fierce competition is testament to the strength, depth and breadth of the institutions which make up our network.”