U21:Discover - April 2016

07 April 2016
The 35th edition of U21:Discover is now online, with a variety of articles from around the network.

In the Network News section, we unveil the first look at the U21:Review Annual newsletter which goes live on the website this month. We also have updates on the latest collaboration between the University of Melbourne and the University of Birmingham and the inaugural U21 Librarians Summit and Conference.
The Educational Innovation round-up includes an update of the U21 Shared Online Course and news of developments of the Conceptual Teaching Framework and the EI Teaching Practices Survey.
Meanwhile, the Researcher Engagement articles feature an introduction from new cluster manager Dr. Christina Mellor as well as reports from the RE Cluster Meetings and Doctoral Mobility Workshop.
The Student Experience pages report on the start of the Global Ingenuity Challenge as well as the U21 Summer School and Undergraduate Research Conference.
U21:Discover also features a summary of updates from the Health Sciences Group as well as updates on Changing Faces within the network.
The newsletter also features a Back Page Interview with Researcher Engagement Cluster Manager Christina Mellor, and an ‘Issues for All’ article on Glasgow's involvement in the LIGO project from Astrophysics and Cosmology Professor Martin Hendry.
So follow the link below to download and dive in!