Nominations open for 2016 Gilbert Medal & U21 Awards

13 July 2015
Take the opportunity to nominate people for U21's prestigious Gilbert Medal or U21 Awards in 2016!

Nominations have opened for the 2016 Gilbert Medal and U21 Awards, which will be presented at the annual Presidential meeting, taking place in Singapore in May 2016.

The Gilbert Medal, named in honour of the founder of Universitas 21 and major lifelong proponent of the benefits of internationalisation, both honours the vision of the late Professor Alan Gilbert and celebrates some of the core objectives of the Universitas 21 network, namely to increase understanding, trust and partnership between international universities; enhance teaching, learning and research across physical boundaries; and strengthen collaboration between like-minded universities across the world.

The Gilbert Medal is awarded annually to a person of international standing, external to the U21 network.  Previous recipients have been Dr Allan Goodman, CEO of the Institute for International Education; Dr Jane Knight of the University of Toronto for her academic work in defining internationalisation in the context of higher education; Dr Domenico Lenarduzzi, widely credited as the ‘father of the EU’s Erasmus Programme’; and earlier this year, the 2015 Gilbert Medal was presented to Professor Celso Lafer of FAPESP in São Paulo, Brazil for his work in the internationalisation of Brazil’s higher education, in particular its research outreach strategy.

All members of faculty, staff and the student body within the U21 network are able to put inspirational figures forward for nomination.

Alongside the Gilbert Medal, U21 members will have the opportunity to nominate colleagues within the network for one of two U21 Awards for Internationalisation, recognising individual efforts towards particularly innovative or extraordinary projects which further internationalisation, or sustained and prolonged contribution building relations between U21 members to support internationalisation.

For either category, it is expected that the nominations would show

  • collaborative working both within the university and with partners outside the university
  • demonstrable impact of activities undertaken by the nominee
  • leadership, innovation and sustainability of activity
  • how the nominee has built on standard practices in internationalisation
  • the effectiveness of the nominee in supporting the university’s internationalisation agenda.

Nominations for both the Gilbert Medal and U21 Awards are now open and details will be publicised in each U21 university. Forms to nominate candidates for either award can also be downloaded below. Nominations need to be received by the U21 Secretariat by 18 September 2015.