U21 Health Sciences Social Media Competition

23 June 2015
The U21 HSG has launched an online competition, open to all students at U21 HSG member universities.

Students are invited to produce a 3-minute YouTube video to illustrate the use and/or impact of social media on knowledge sharing and education in health. The approach will be used to educate health sciences students around the network to use social media responsibly and direct students to a repository of social media policies. Each entry must be evidence based citing research/literature on the subject.

There are seven categories:

  • What is social media and how it is used in education?
  • Social media in health professional education: case studies and good practices.
  • Social media policy in health professional education: current guidelines and approaches.
  • Critique of social media in health education: issues, challenges, opportunities.
  • Social media as an assessment approach in health education.
  • Developing professional identities in social media.
  • Research and future directions.
  • Eligibility

The competition is open to all health sciences students and faculty members in U21 Health Sciences Group member universities.

The winners will be chosen using the following criteria:

  • relevance
  • originality
  • educational value
  • engagement of users
  • contribution to new thinking
  • overall impression

Content submitted will be made available online and open to voting by viewers. The winners will be announced at the U21 Health Sciences Group annual meeting in Chile. A $500 USD Amazon.com gift card will be awarded to each winning team.

The deadline for submission of the videos is Friday 21 August 2015. 

More details, including information on how to enter, can be found on the U21 Health Science Group's newly re-designed webpages (see the link below).