Teaching Opportunity for U21 Engineers

21 January 2015
The University of Connecticut once more extends its invitation to U21 engineers to join visiting instructors in Ethiopia.

The University of Connecticut is offering an opportunity for engineering faculty with specialisms in water engineering to visit Ethiopia to work with the students and faculty at the Ethiopian Institute of Water Resources (EIWR). This opportunity has been made available through a partnership between Addis Ababa University and the University of Connecticut and has been extended to the Universitas 21 community for a number of years.

EIWR at Addis Ababa University is seeking visiting instructors to teach graduate level courses in their Water Resources Engineering and Management and Water & Health programmes. The courses will be offered in a three week intensive format throughout 2015 and will be scheduled to accommodate instructor’s needs. The courses sought are: at PhD level – Fluvial Processes & River Mechanics; Water Associated Diseases; Advanced Molecular Environmental Biology, and at MSc level – Surface Water Hydrology; Groundwater Hydrology; Reservoir Sedimentation & Management of Operations; Groundwater Modelling; Groundwater Assessment & Management

For more information please contact Dr Michael Accorsi (accorsi@engr.uconn.edu)