Working Worldwide - photo competition winners announced

11 November 2014
The 2014 photo competition, entitled 'working worldwide' has been judged.

The U21 photo competition closed at the end of October and after much deliberation, the judges have decided upon a winner, two runners up and four further 'highly commended' photos.

This year's competition had a deliberately vague brief: submit a photo which represented working worldwide in the realm of academia.  Over 85 photos were submitted, and a wide variety of interpretations of the brief were shown, making the judging quite difficult, but eventually Tomi Adedeji, a student at the University of Nottingham was named the winner. 

Speaking on the competition, Jane Usherwood, Secretary General of Universitas 21 and the chair of the panel, commented, "I was very impressed by the diversity of the photos entered into the competition.  A number of shots were excellent in quality and skill, and several had great impact and really reflected the theme of the competition, ‘working worldwide’. But Tomi's photo, although a simple idea, captures what so many academics are doing these days - finding ways to communicate without clocking up the airmiles or having to actually be face-to-face with someone."

Tomi was delighted to be named the winner, saying "I was in the library when I saw the email informing me that I had won the competition and seriously, I could have been thrown out of the library but for the fact that I was able to hold myself from screaming for joy until I got out! I feel so excited and honoured to have won the first prize. And thanks to U21 for providing such a platform as this!"

Taking the two second place prizes were Md Mahbubul Alam of the University of Queensland and Li Jiaying of Fudan University.  Both photos captured the diversity of nationality and different ways of bridging international boundaries to achieve a common goal - whether in promoting an event, as in Mahbub's photo or making new friends through a shared international experience as in Li Jiaying’s.  Both paid tribute to their experiences, Li Jiaying commenting “Due to my voluntary experience, I have learned that literally do not judge a book by its cover, because everyone, even a child, has a story to tell as long as you are willing to listen.”  Mahbub added “This will inspire me to continue working with a global perspective and I am grateful to my university for informing me about the competition”.

Four further photos were awarded a 'highly commended', either for the style of photo, or for the work portrayed in the image and the impact it had. These awards went to James Healy (UCD), Tianjiao Jiang (Fudan), Chen Xiang (Fudan) and Rowena Langan (Queensland).

All the photos can be seen in the picture gallery.