U21 Photography Competition

16 September 2014
U21 is looking to find the best photo to represent the title "Working Worldwide" within the realm of academia. First prize US$400!

Universitas 21 is pleased to announce the second U21 International Photography Competition.  The competition, open to anyone - staff, students or faculty - at a U21 university, is looking to find a photo to represent the title "Working Worldwide" within the realm of academia.


"Some of our founding principles as a network focus on working together to foster global citizenship and institutional innovation at all levels within the university - and beyond - so we wanted to see how this could be captured in a single photo," commented U21's Secretary General, Jane Usherwood.  "We frequently have photos of international delegates sitting or standing in rows for the formal photograph, but rarely do people capture this collaboration at work.  This is an opportunity to do just that."


To enter the competition, send your photo, along with a brief commentary, your name, university and email address, to the U21 Secretariat at u21@universitas21.com by Friday 31 October 2014.



Small print: Photos must be high resolution (at least 300dpi). Competition open to all staff, students and associates of Universitas 21 universities. By submitting your photo you agree to it being used by Universitas 21 for publicity purposes, even if not a winning entry. It is the photographer’s responsibility to ensure that people in the photos are willing for their image to be used. Photo credits will be given where possible. The judges’ decision is final.