Professor Martyn Poliakoff receives 2014 U21 Award

14 May 2014
Professor Martyn Poliakoff, eminent professor of chemistry at the University of Nottingham, receives 2014 U21 Award.

We were delighted to present Professor Martyn Poliakoff of the University of Nottingham with his U21 Award at a private ceremony in London on 13 May.

Professor Poliakoff was accompanied by his sister, Ms Miranda Poliakoff and attended a special reception at which Professor Fred Hilmer, Chair of the U21 Network, presented him with the award and congratulated him on his outstanding and long-lasting contribution to international higher education.


Professor Poliakoff’s award is for his long and distinguished career in academe, but most notably for finding innovative ways to popularise science around the world. He is the face of ‘The Periodic Table of Videos' ( an award-winning series of short films which have received more than 22 million views on YouTube, and in 2011 earned him the Royal Society of Chemistry’s prestigious Nyholm Prize for Education. In 2011 Professor Poliakoff was appointed Foreign Secretary and Vice-President of the Royal Society – an illustration of the esteem in which he is held by his fellow academics.


More information and a fuller press release from the annoucement of the award can be read via the link below.