Domenico Lenarduzzi awarded 2014 Gilbert Medal

24 April 2014
Dr Domenico Lenarduzzi presented with Gilbert Medal 2014.

In a private ceremony in Brussels earlier in April, Dr Domenico Lenarduzzi was presented with the Gilbert Medal by Professor Dymph van den Boom.

The medal is named in honour of the late Professor Alan Gilbert, founder of Universitas 21, and upholds his work as a lifelong proponent of the benefits of internationalisation.  It celebrates some of the core objectives of the U21 network, which aim to increase understanding, trust and partnership between international universities.

Dr Lenarduzzi worked in the European Union executive for over 40 years. He is best known for devising and establishing the Erasmus programme which launched in 1987 and has remained a key strand at the heart of internationalisation in higher education ever since. 

More information about the 2014 award, and the Gilbert Medal in general can be found by following the link below.