The U21 Annual Review 2012/13

12 February 2014
Universitas 21's Annual Review for the last year (November 2012 - October 2013) is now online.

This Annual Review includes some of the ways in which Universitas 21 has been working collectively to support members’ efforts to internationalise both their educational offerings and experiences for students. This year, we adopted a new strategic approach, consolidating our activities into three main clusters of activity:

  • Educational Innovation, 
  • Student Experience and 
  • Researcher Engagement. 
This builds not only on our successful accomplishments of the past, such as our annual U21 Summer School over the past 10 years, but also identifies new challenges which will add value to all aspects of our universities. We continue to place high emphasis on opportunities for students, both at undergraduate and graduate/doctoral levels, which will enable them to develop skills working with peers, often from different disciplinary traditions and always from different cultural or national backgrounds. We also know that we need to offer a variety of experiences, to bring richness and diversity to a student’s time at university, but we recognise that internationalisation does not just happen outside of the classroom or the laboratory.

This year we were fortunate to add three new members to our number, extending our membership still further in the United States of America (the University of Maryland and The Ohio State University) and for
the first time in South Africa (the University of Johannesburg). This brings our membership to 27 in total, against a membership limit agreed in 2011 of 29. We have no current plans to increase our membership further, instead concentrating on ensuring engagement and consolidation of our current membership, and
the development and delivery of innovative programmes organised around our agreed clusters of activity.

This past year has been another busy one, with the promise of more to come in the future, as the plans developed over the past year are refined and brought to air. I encourage you to find out more about us, what we have done and where we are going, in the pages of this Annual Review.

Professor Fred Hilmer AO
President & Vice Chancellor, UNSW Australia
Chair of Universitas 21