Language Science and Global Mobility

Start Date
25 April 2016
End Date
26 April 2016
University of Edinburgh, UK
Edinburgh, UK
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U21 researchers will meet at the University of Edinburgh for a planning workshop on the theme of language science and global mobility to develop recommendations to be considered by the RE Cluster meetings in Maryland and the AGM in Singapore.


Language Science is a broad interdisciplinary field that aims to solve challenges for modern society by connecting fundamental science with applications in education, technology, and health. Language stands at the heart of all human activity, and the science of language is both necessarily global, and globally necessary.


The workshop has two closely related goals. One goal involves the internationalisation of research and higher education. The workshop will develop plans for the Global Research Alliance in Language (GRAIL), involving universities throughout the Universitas 21 network and additional institutional partners. Over the past two years these institutions have begun to explore new models for international partnerships under the theme of language science. Another goal surrounds the role of language in global mobility of populations, including migration of refugees and mobility of human capital. The workshop will explore opportunities for language scientists and migration experts to combine forces around this pressing societal issue, together with policy makers and governmental bodies. An anticipated outcome is a larger public-facing conference in 2017.


For further information of the Language Science and Global Mobility event, please follow the link below:




How To Register


The workshop will be held at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI).



The University of Edinburgh has secured favourable rates at the Ten Hill Place Hotel, close to the workshop venue. Please contact Christian Jowers (contact details below) for further information.



Name: Christian Jowers, Global Projects Officer




For further information of the Language Science and Global Mobility event, please follow the link below:



Christian Jowers, Global Projects Officer