Informing Climate Action

Start Date
02 May 2016
End Date
04 May 2016
University of Maryland
Maryland, USA
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U21 will hold a 3-day workshop at the University of Maryland between 2 and 4 May. The workshop will be integrated with the 2016 Climate Action Forum on May 4, which is an open conference linked to the high-level Climate Action 2016 Summit.

Universitas 21 will convene a 3-day workshop between May 2-4, Informing Climate Action 2016, at the University of Maryland, College Park campus, in close proximity to Washington DC.


The programme starts in the afternoon on Monday 2 May with bus transport from the hotel to the House of Sweden for a reception (buffet food), and transport back to the hotel.

On Tuesday 3 May and Wednesday 4 May, scientists and researchers from U21 members will participate in a two-day meeting. During this meeting, experts will share insights from their own areas of research and their experiences working at the interface of research and policy in their own communities. Topics will focus on implications of the Paris Agreement for the future of climate, energy, and sustainability research; these topics can include, but are not limited to, North-South cooperation, justice issues, adaptation, and the relationship of research networks to policy implementation. They will also discuss and develop a working paper on how universities and research organisations can effectively contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

On Wednesday 4 May, the University of Maryland will host the Climate Action 2016 Forum, which is the designated open conference to inform the closed, high-level summit later that week. This Forum will be a key opportunity for civil society broadly to feed into the summit, including Washington-headquartered NGOs, think-tanks, government agencies, and international organisations. This public forum can engage U21 attendees from the first day’s meetings as speakers, panelists, and participants according to individual interest and availability.

Participants from the U21 workshop will be invited to participate in at least two sessions in the Forum: one addressing climate resilience and adaptation, and a second addressing the role of research networks’ collaboration in advancing climate implementation post-Paris. The working paper developed at the previous day’s session will be discussed during this session.


Social events:

  • Monday 2 May - House of Sweden reception
  • Tuesday 3 May - Meeting Dinner
  • Wednesday 4 May - Optional Dinner




A preferential rate ($151.00 USD per night) has been agreed with the Marriott Hotel Courtyard Greenbelt, available to delegates between May 1 - May 5 2016
PLEASE NOTE: This rate will be available until 11 April 2016
Please follow the link below to book your hotel at the agreed rates:


Book your group rate for U21 Climate Room Block 


For more information on the Marriott Hotel Courtyard Greenbelt, please follow the links below:

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How To Register

Registration is now open for the Informing Climate Change meeting - Please follow the 'Register Here' link at the bottom of the page to complete and submit a registration form.

For further event details, or if you have any questions about the Informing Climate Change Workshop, please contact Anne Messeter:



Anne Messeter