U21 Summer School: Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Culture

Start Date
04 July 2016
End Date
18 July 2016
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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The 13th U21 Summer School takes place at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University with the theme "Traditional Chinese Medicine and Its Culture." It will be preceded by an online course open to all U21 students, integrating a virtual element to the programme.

The U21 Summer School is a two-week summer science program, promoting interdisciplinary learning and culture exchange. Participants will attend seminars with distinguished guest lecturers on topics ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine to medical device engineering and manufacturing, visit academic and commercial pharmaceutical labs, as well as get the chance to tour major cities in Shanghai.

The Summer school offers lectures, practice courses, and student research opportunities in all areas of drug discovery and the development of Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCMs). Participating students will have opportunities to gain first-hand experience in TCM drug discovery, development, and manufacturing as well as optional hands-on involvement in clinical practice, and even acupuncture and moxibustion at Shanghai local TCM hospitals.



On-line course preceding the U21 Summer School

Students attending the U21 Summer School are expected to complete the virtual course on Traditional Chinese Medicine in preparation for their trip, starting in March 2016. This will allow a more practical approach during the Summer School, in an O2O (on-line teaching, off-line hands-on lab work) environment.

Students who are not attending the U21 Summer School are also invited to take part in the MOOC and learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Culture. 

The MOOC is now open and can be accessed at http://www.cnmooc.org/portal/course/1389/2407.mooc

Staff participation in the academic programme

One member of staff from each U21 institution is welcome to take part. Participating staff will provide pastoral care to students.

Those who are active in teaching or research relating to the theme of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Culture are invited to contribute to the academic programme giving a guest speech. Academic staff members who wish to discuss their potential involvement in the Summer School should contact Ms. Shushu Li, Head of the International Mobility Office (lss@sjtu.edu.cn).


How To Register

Each U21 member is invited to nominate up to five students and one staff member to the face-to face element of the U21 Summer School. Participation in the online element of the U21 Summer School is open to all students and staff in the network.  

Contact your International Office if you are interested in participating.  Each university will have their own selection processes to choose the delegates.

Nominations close on 15 March 2016, and all attending students will need to register by 15 April 2016. The nomination form is available to download below. 



Fees for the face-to-face element of the U21 Summer School are 5000RMB per student, to include 15 nights’ accommodation. Students need their own spending money for occasional dinners on free nights, transfers to and from the airport, and personal costs. Transport to Shanghai is not included in the fee.

There is no fee for participating staff. Staff (or their home institution) will be responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs.

Ms Ziyi JIA, International Mobility Office, SJTU