Graduate Research Conference: Digital Future

Start Date
09 June 2015
End Date
12 June 2015
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
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The 6th Graduate Research Conference will be hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University on the theme 'Digital Future'.

The themes for GRC are deliberately general, allowing graduate students from a broad range of disciplines to come together to shed light on new ways of thinking about the topic in question. The 2015 GRC has the theme of Digital Future. With the global evolution of digital technology and platforms, we have entered the digital era when new technologies abound every day and the online and offline worlds are getting seamless. Given the profound and transformative changes occurring across a variety of sectors in the society and in our daily life, it is high time we looked into and reflected on these changes as well as the future ahead.

Specifically, at the 2015 GRC we will explore the evolution of digital technology, the influence of digital technology on society and user behavior, the opportunities and challenges digital technology brings, and to predict the future developments in terms of technical, social, legal, economic, cultural, and political aspects of the Internet and digital technology as a result of digital advancement. In brief, we want to examine how the digital technology landscape has changed over the past years and what that means for the years ahead.

We welcome paper submissions and presentations from multiple disciplines and different domains that are related to the conference theme, which include, but are not limited to, those in the following areas:

  • Digital Technology
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Culture
  • Digital Life
  • International Digital Order
  • Digital Future and International Community





Attendees must be nominated by their institution.

Each U21 member university is invited to nominate up to five outstanding graduate students to share with us their research work relating with Digital Future:

  • One student to give an oral presentation
  • One student to give a poster presentation
  • Further presentation opportunities will be allocated as space allows, following closure of registration.

Guidelines for oral and poster presentations will be posted at the end of March 2015 when the GRC website is open.

In addition, all U21 partners are invited to send one member of their faculty or teaching staff to accompany the students and take part in the conference and the social and cultural activities as well. Each university (or delegate) is repsonsible for travel and accommodation costs for their nominees and accompanying staff.

The deadline for nominations is 15 April 2015. Please send your nomination to After this date the nominated students and staff will be required to register via the GRC website.


The nomination form can be downloaded below.




An outline programme is available to download below and will be updated as planning progresses.


Conference fee

There will be a conference fee of US$600 for participants. This will cover accommodation, airport pick-ups, welcome dinner, lunches, refreshments, meeting theatres, social and cultural activities. SJTU will reserve hotel rooms for all participants.


Ms Yaya Peng