U21 Summer School: Cities and Citizen Engagement in the Digital Age

Start Date
01 July 2015
End Date
15 July 2015
University of Glasgow, UK
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The 12th U21 Summer School takes place at the University of Glasgow with "Cities and Citizen Engagement in the Digital Age" as its theme.

Cities are complex, dynamic structures: difficult to predict and manage, with everyday issues arising in economic stability, energy security, environmental integrity, independent living, communications, built environment and civic participation.

Understanding how these services combine to produce a city level effect is a challenge.  Their sheer complexity and unpredictability makes the policy setting and management of effective, high-functioning, successful cities an increasingly important social and economic priority. Successful cities are those which position themselves to understand systemic behaviours and develop policy and service responses which address the issues these create – an ability to respond and adapt to the changing environment around them.

The U21 Summer School 2015 theme is Cities and Citizens in the Digital Age and will offer a programme of seminars and practical experiences demonstrating how new technologies can be used to support and improve the vital components of a fully functional city. This will cover citizen engagement, transportation, energy, big data, protecting vulnerable groups and physical regeneration, with a focus on how key services are increasingly informed and influenced by emerging technologies.


Participation in the academic programme

Staff members from across the U21 network who are active in teaching or research relating to the theme of Cities and Citizens in the Digital Age are invited to contribute to the academic programme. Academic staff members who wish to discuss their potential involvement in the Summer School should contact the International Networks Coordinator, Sarah Ward (Sarah.Ward@glasgow.ac.uk). 

How To Register

Each U21 member can nominate up to five students and two staff members with an interest in the Cities and Citizens theme. Nomination forms have been sent to U21 International Offices.

Contact your International Office if you are interested in participating.  Each university will have their own selection processes to choose the delegates.

Nominations close on 28 February, and all attending students will need to register by 1 April 2015.



Fees are £600 per student/staff member, to include 15 nights’ accommodation, breakfast and lunch, Welcome and Farewell events, a weekend trip and most evening meals. Students need their own spending money for occasional dinners on free nights, transfers to and from the airport, and personal costs while visiting Scotland. Fees will be collected by the sending institution, and then paid to The University of Glasgow by bank transfer. Invoices will be issued during April 2015.

International Network Co-ordinator