Undergraduate Research Conference: Food Safety

Start Date
07 July 2014
End Date
11 July 2014
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
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The 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference will be hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University from 7 to 11 July 2014.


The theme of the conference will be - Food Safety: from farm to table

The conference will involve lectures from eminent academics in the field of food safety/food security, student presentations, poster session, plus a sightseeing tour in and around Shanghai. 


The full event programme is now  available on the URC website:


The programme includes a number of social activities for the students and staff members from Monday to Friday, including an official Welcome dinner, icebreaking session, dumpling making, Chinese Acrobatics Show and a day tour to Hangzhou city. Oral and poster presentations are scheduled to take place from 8 to 10 July 2014. 

Food & Accommodation 

Food and hotel accommodation will be organised by colleagues at SJTU for the duration of the conference.

SJTU will not be responsible for the cost of the airfares or accommodation. Either institutions or delegates will be responsible – this will depend on individual institutional arrangements.

Delegates will be staying at the Jian Gong Jin Jiang Hotel, located in the city area of Shanghai. The cost is around 400RMB for standard twin room, therefore if two delegates share a room, the cost will be 200RMB for each.

Event Website & Contact

The URC website contains lots of useful information about the event, including practical advice about travelling to Shanghai:


How To Register

SJTU invites all U21 partner universities to nominate three of its best undergraduate students to attend the conference. We ask that each institution nominate:

  • One student for an oral presentation
  • One student to design and submit a poster
  • One student to give either an oral presentation or design and submit a poster

Guidelines for oral and poster presentations can be found on the URC website:


In addition, all U21 partners are invited to send a member of their faculty or teaching staff to accompany the students and take part in the conference and the social and cultural activities as well.

Each university must agree to cover travel and accommodation costs for all nominees and accompanying staff.


Nominations have now closed.  Nominated students are now invited to register online at http://urcsjtu.sjtu.edu.cn/index.php/registration by Sunday 11 May 2014.

Ms Jianzhen Zheng