U21 Student Leaders' Network Meeting

Start Date
24 February 2014
End Date
25 February 2014
Lund University, Sweden
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The inaugural meeting of the Student Leaders' Network will take place at Lund University from 24-25 February 2014. The meeting will focus around open discussions in order to ascertain how the Student Leaders' Network will operate.

Lund University Student Unions’ Association and Lund University invite nominated Student Leaders to participate in the first U21 Student Leaders’ Network Meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to give student leaders from U21 institutions the opportunity to discuss relevant topics and organise how the student voice can be brought more into the U21 network.

As this is an inagural meeting, one of the main issues discussed will be how to organise the U21 Student Leaders’ Network in the future. The current idea is to have one physical meeting per year with a rotating chair, complemented with virtual meetings throughout the year. The network would work as a consultative body in U21. At this meeting we will discuss how we can create an effective network that will have continuity over time and represent all student organisations equally.

Programme Outline

Please download the full programme at the bottom of this page. Please note that there is also an informal dinner for guests arriving on 23 February.


U21 Members are invited to select and send up to two representatives, chosen from their organised student bodies. 

The participating leaders should be currently engaged in student participation and educational issues at their institution and must be willing to represent the voice of students at their university.

If you believe you are eligiable to attend and would like to put yourself forward, please contact the International Office at your institution for more information.

How To Register


Following nomination by your university, to register for this meeting, please fill in the form via the following link by 10 January 2014 http://goo.gl/Wvdohp (please note that this is an extension to the original deadline).

Accommodation and Food
Lund University will cover costs for food, accommodation and participation at the conference for all participating student leaders.

Accommodation is provided in twin rooms at Stay At Hotel in central Lund:


All contact with the hotel is managed by Lund University Student Unions’ Association. If you have any questions please contact Tora Törnquist (tora.tornquist@lus.lu.se).

Travel Costs
Travel costs will be covered by participants. Some of the U21 Institutions may be willing to fund travelling costs for their student leaders, please contact your home institution directly regarding this.

If you require a letter of invitation to apply for a visa, please get in contact as soon as possible:

Tora Törnquist
U21 SLN Coordinator
Lund University Student Unions’ Association

Anne Messeter
U21 Liaison Officer
Lund University

Tora Törnquist