Undergraduate Research Conference: Urban Challenges

Start Date
08 July 2013
End Date
12 July 2013
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is delighted to host the 9th U21 Undergraduate Research Conference from 8 to 12 July 2013 with the theme "Urban Challenges: building healthy, smart and & creative cities for the future".

More than half of the world’s population now lives in large urban areas and this number will increase in the years to come. The growth of the urban population and the dynamic nature of cities around the world give rise to an abundance of interesting research questions and challenges that are of particular interest for the future generation of researchers. Key issues for modern cities range from public health, logistics, safety, governance, migration, diversity and cultural dynamics to design and creativity.


The conference will provide the opportunity for three outstanding undergraduate or honours students from your institution to showcase their research to an international audience of fellow students and staff.


The Amsterdam metropolitan region offers an inspiring environment for bringing together a select group of bright young students to share their ideas, knowledge and perspectives on this wide range of challenging issues. Moreover, 2013 will be a special year for Amsterdam as several extraordinary celebrations are foreseen, including the opening of the renovated Rijksmuseum and the 400th anniversary of the Canal Ring. The UvA will look for ways of combining the URC 2013 with one or more festive occasions taking place in Amsterdam at the same time.



A preliminary programme for the week has been developed. The nominated students and accompanying staff member(s) will be expected to have arrived and registered by Monday afternoon, 8 July 2013. The programme includes a number of social activities for the students and staff members on Monday and Tuesday, including an official welcome and a reception, social and cultural activities in the old inner city of Amsterdam, a canal tour by boat, a museum visit and a real Amsterdam cycling experience. Oral and poster presentations are scheduled to take place from the 10-12 July 2013. The conference will close with a gala dinner.


Attendees of this event must be nominated by their institution. Each U21 member university may nominate up to three students and one staff member (faculty or teaching staff) to attend:

  • one student to give an oral presentation
  • one student to design and submit a poster
  • one student to give either an oral presentation or design and submit a poster, as decided by the student's university.

Guidelines for oral and poster presentations are located at www.URC2013.uva.nl.

In addition, all U21 partners are invited to send a member of their faculty or teaching staff to accompany the students and take part in the conference and the social and cultural activities.

There is no registration fee, but each member university (or individual) is responsible for paying the associated accommodation and travel costs, according to the university's policy. Each member university will have its own policy on funding, so speak to your International Office about this.

The University of Amsterdam will cover costs associated with meeting venues, refreshments, a welcome reception, lunches & dinners (including a gala dinner), excursions such as a canal tour by boat, social and cultural activities in the old inner city of Amsterdam and a real Amsterdam cycling experience. 


 The University of Amsterdam has arranged five nights' accommodation (8-13 July) for conference participants at Hotel Casa 400. All students and staff members will stay in the same hotel.

 Hotel rates:

  • single occupancy rooms: €75 (staff members only)
  • double occupancy rooms: €47.50
  • triple occupancy rooms: €41.67 (students only)

Hotel rates are per person per night, including breakfast, but excluding the 5.5% city tax.

Students and staff members will be expected to pay for their hotel stay when checking in at the hotel.

Deatils of how to book will be available once nominations have been accepted (15 March).  Accommodation must be booked by 26 May, and cancellations after this date will incur a fee.

How To Register

In order to qualify for this event, you must first be nominated by your institution. Speak to your International Office (or equivalent) for details on how you can apply for a place, as each university has a different system for selecting participants.

Once you have been nominated, ro register for this event, please visit the UvA website:http://urc2013.uva.nl

The deadline for all nominations, registrations and submission of abstracts is 15 May 2013

Additonal opportunities

The URC coincides with the RC43 Conference 2013 ‘At Home in the Housing Market’, which will also be hosted by the UvA. Accompanying faculty and staff will therefore have the opportunity to participate in parts of the RC43 Conference. For further information, please see: www.rc43-conference.uva.nl.

Immediately following the URC 2013, participants will have the opportunity to join the UvA summer course called 'Urban Studies: Housing, People and City Spaces'. This may be a good opportunity for participants to not only extend their stay in Amsterdam, but also to develop further knowledge on this subject. Please note that URC participants must register separately for this summer course. For further details, please see: www.uva.nl/summer-urban-studies


URC 2013 Organising Team