Student Exchange and Short-Term Programmes

Short-term mobility opportunities offered to U21 students by our member universities

Students from U21 member institutions have several choices available to them if they wish to study abroad at another U21 partner institution through either a semester/year-long exchange programme or a shorter-term programme, such as a summer/winter school.




Semester and year-long exchanges

Students at all levels and across all disciplines participate in U21 student exchange programmes each year. Not only is it an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a new culture, they can benefit academically through studying subjects not offered at their home institutions and gain an international perspective on their respective disciplines. In addition, there are benefits on a personal level - becoming more independent, growing in self-confidence and meeting new people. Skills acquired during the experience can also improve employability chances upon graduation.



Short-Term Programme Options

In addition to year and semester exchanges, short-term programmes (such as summer and winter schools) are available from U21 member institutions. A list of 2017 offerings are available below: 

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