Student Leaders' Group Meeting

A forum for student leaders to share ideas and represent the student voice within the U21 network.

The U21 Student Leaders’ Group (U21 SLG) gives a strong and united student voice throughout the U21 network. As a student engagement forum, the U21 SLG will give Universitas 21’s activity a student perspective.

The U21 SLG aims to enhance the work of U21, with focus on education, student representation and the student experience. Student Leaders meet annually and are supported by the Student Experience Cluster of U21. A student representative from this group attends Steering Group meetings.

The U21 SLG aims to:

  • Give a student perspective within the U21 network
  • Suggest new ideas for education, student mobility and student experience projects
  • Work to strengthen student involvement with U21 activities
  • Be a forum for collaboration between student leaders where they gain a global perspective on their work.

The Student Leaders’ Meeting 2016 took place at the University of Connecticut in April 2016. For more on this meeting as well as past SLG meetings, click the more information link below:

Bernice Molloy
SE Cluster Manager