American Educational Research Association 2014

Clinical Approaches to Teacher Education: Connecting Research in Ireland, the USA, Scotland and Australia.

This symposium examines the premises on which recent “clinical” teacher education programs are founded.

Four research studies, conducted in Ireland, the USA, Scotland and Australia, are presented as a sequenced narrative from the policy discourse/s framing teacher education to the rationale, implementation, and evaluation of clinical approaches to teacher pre-service education.

The designation of pre-service teacher education as “clinical” is both advocated and explicated. The symposium provides the opportunity to compare the evocative metaphors in which the goals of clinical teacher education programs are encrypted internationally and the role of such metaphors in shaping program implementation and evaluation.

International comparison subjects the coherence of the resultant narrative (rationale and implementation) to scrutiny unencumbered by locally-shared assumptions and priorities.



David Clarke, University of Melbourne, Australia



Ciaran Sugrue (and Presenter), University College Dublin

James Conroy (and Presenter), University of Glasgow 

Moira Hulme, University of Glasgow

Larissa McLean Davies (and Presenter), University of Melbourne

Stephen Dinham, University of Melbourne

Melody Anderson, University of Melbourne

Jane Page, University of Melbourne,

Field Rickards (and Presenter), University of Melbourne, 

Eleanor Wilson (and Presenter), University of Virginia

Michelle Young, University of Virginia

Tone Dyrdal Solbrekke, University of Oslo



Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University