Going Global 2012

Universitas 21 joint PhD programme: steps toward creating global citizens.

In May 2009, Universitas 21 established a framework for jointly awarded PhDs which to dateincludes 16 institutions from nine countries.


The method was to establish a generic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) supported by bespoke Memoranda of Agreement (MOA). The aim of the U21 Joint PhD scheme is to provide students with the opportunity to study in more than one country and as a result access academic expertise and facilities on a wider scale. It provides a structured approach to international networking and academia, enhancing the students’ research and employment opportunities on an international scale. Moreover, the programme brings together established academics (PhD supervisors), and so encourages and creates international perspective and facilitates relationships throughout several tiers of an institution.


This poster shares details of the universities involved in the U21 Joint PhD programme, as well as the challenges and experience that has been gained in agreeing MOAs in different locations.