Forum for International Networking in Education

'FINE' is an international group of doctoral students in education who co-operate and collaborate on educational issues from a global perspective.

The Forum for International Networking in Education (FINE) is an international group of post-graduate students from Universitas 21 schools of education who cooperate and collaborate in order to better understand educational issues from a global perspective.

The group seeks to provide opportunities for social and professional networking, and possibilities for collaborative research and enhanced academic and career prospects.

The FINE group was formed on Easter Sunday 2007 in Chicago, when a group of 21 students from 8 universities, under the able leadership of two generous academics, Professor David Clarke (University of Melbourne) and Professor Lynne McAlpine (then at McGill University), and the co-ordination of student volunteer Radhika Gorur (University of Melbourne) met to explore how they might promote opportunities for collaboration among U21 doctoral students of education. With support from U21 and the Deans of Education, and other academics, and using the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual meetings as a meeting ground, the group continued to meet in 2008 in New York, 2009 in San Diego, 2010 in Helsinki and Denver.

The meetings provide a means for students from different universities in different countries to meet and find out each others’ research. Besides organising discussion forums and social events at AERA and other international conferences, the group has set up a database for members to find others with similar interests. The group also offers a newsletter that provides news from FINE, graduate student tips, and career opportunities and advice.

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You can catch up with the latest FINE news and information in the online version of the group's newsletter, The FINE Times, which you can download below:
Juliette Lyons-Thomas