Teaching Indicators and Framework Project

In October 2013, the Universitas 21 (U21) Educational Innovation Steering Group (EISG) identified the need to develop:

  • A common framework that could be used to guide practice across the network for evaluating teaching as part of academic promotion processes;
  • A pool of individuals within and across institutions who could act as expert peer assessors of evidence submitted in relation to teaching in promotion applications;
  • Training and development opportunities for staff to become recognised members of this U21 expert panel of assessors of teaching. 

 Throughout 2014 and 2015, based on an analysis of promotions policies, standards and applications from universities throughout the network, the U21 EISG developed a conceptual framework for teaching that it believed could be used to address the above needs. However, before moving to recommend or further develop the framework, the EISG sought to validate the framework amongst key stakeholders within the U21 network. Throughout 2016, the U21 Conceptual Framework for Teaching Validation Project, sought to test the appropriateness (face validity and fitness-for-purpose) of this framework with voluntary key stakeholders from amongst U21 member institutions, including individuals with management responsibilities for teaching ranging from Deputy Presidents/Vice Chancellors, through to Lecturers, Tutors, and Demonstrators, as well as institutionally recognized educational innovators and leaders.

The full report on this project is available as an attachment below. 


Full details and information about the U21 Teaching Indicators framework can be found at the link below: